Manufacturing temperature control

Manufacturing & Engineering Temperature Control Solutions

Aqua is here to support your temperature control needs, enhancing the productivity of all your manufacturing operations.

Industrial Cooling Solutions for Manufacturing and Engineering

Reliable, precise temperature control is fundamental to the success of all manufacturing processes. It affects product quality, system efficiency, and even the safety of your people and your business. If your temperature control lets you down it impacts on production cycles, output and can even damage the reputation of your brand.

At Aqua we’ve 20+ years of experience working with some of the biggest names within this sector, as well as smaller, independent, niche manufacturers. We understand the challenges faced and can support you by safeguarding your operation against downtime, ensuring consistency of production, maximising energy savings and protecting your profit margin, time after time.

A sustainable product range

Aqua supply, hire and service a wide range of equipment suitable for manufacturing temperature control applications. All our products have energy efficiency and sustainability at their core, which is a real benefit within manufacturing as it’s such an energy intensive sector.

Our products include, chillers, adiabatic coolers, free coolers, cooling towers, Single temperature control units, and heat pumps. We have an in-house design & installation team, enabling us to supply completely bespoke units and cooling systems.

All our process chillers run on low GWP refrigerants, including natural refrigerants such as Propane and CO2. We offer fully integrated free cooling, which can reduce energy consumption by 80+% and a range of innovative heat pumps, including water to water units which enable waste heat from your manufacturing process to be recycled as high-grade hot water up to 120°C.

Applications we can help you with

Here’s just a few examples of the manufacturing temperature control applications we’ve helped with, across the different sectors:

Aerospace Manufacturing – environmental simulations, materials testing, vacuum chambers & stress testing.

Automotive Manufacturing – body panel pressing, engine test systems, dye casting & paint lines.

Chemical, Oil & Gas Manufacturing – reaction and vessel cooling. process condensing, safety showers & ATEX coolers.

Electronics Manufacturing – component thermal testing, clean room temperature control, thermal profiling for semiconductors & cryogenic cooling.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing – cook chill, pasteurisation, potable water systems & vessel cooling.

Heavy Machinery Manufacturing – hydraulic cooling, inverter cooling & control panel cooling.

Metal Manufacturing – anodising, machine tool cooling, laser cooling & spot welding.

Plastics, Rubber & Packaging Manufacturing – extrusion, rubber vulcanising, injection moulding & blown film.

Printing & Paper Manufacturing – ink drying, inverter room cooling & lithographic printing.

OEM Manufacturing – bespoke cooling equipment, including ATEX rated process chillers, immersion chillers & TCUs.

Textile Manufacturing – dye bath temperature control, fabric conditioning, heat setting & drying processes.

To discuss your cooling or temperature control requirement, please call us on 0333 004 4433 or click here.

Equipment hire & emergency support

Our Hire & Service teams work closely with our manufacturing clients to ensure their processes run exactly as they should. With repetitive or continuous process manufacturing, production lines must be up and running 24/7. Therefore, we offer 24/7 support, just in case the unexpected happens.

Aqua Engineers are based across the UK, so only a phone call away. If the issue can’t be quickly resolved, then our Hire team can provide a temporary, emergency solution until repairs can be conducted.

If you’re looking for peace of mind, we also offer a free, contingency planning service, so that you have a plan B in place, just in case you ever need it. Plus, a Preventative Planned Maintenance agreement ensures your equipment is regularly maintained, helping it work efficiency and effectively, extending its lifespan and reducing your costs longer term.

Hiring your manufacturing temperature control equipment can make great sense if you’re supplementing production, perhaps due to seasonal demand. Equally, it can work well during planned maintenance or new product trial.