Free Cooling Chillers

A comprehensive range of free cooling chillers for all types of application and requirements.

Free Cooling Chillers – The Aqua Pro Range

Free cooling chillers dramatically reduce energy consumption and operating costs, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of your business or facility.

Our Aqua Pro chillers offer fully integrated free cooling. The range has been specifically designed to give you the best of both worlds – a highly reliable and versatile packaged process chiller, combined with all the advantage of free cooling operation.

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What are the benefits of an integrated free cooling chiller?

A cooling system incorporating free cooling will deliver impressive year on year cost savings and achieve fast payback. Energy usage and maintenance bills will be less, your chiller will last longer, and you will reduce the overall environmental impact of your business.

Our Aqua Pro chillers have an in-built free cooling coil, meaning the free cooling is completely integrated into the unit, resulting in a fully packaged solution. In addition, with an Aqua Pro, free cooling is achievable at higher ambient temperatures than with any other chiller brand on the market. Cooling capacity ranges from 30kW to MW+ and our units work with process fluid temperatures from -25°C to +30°C.

How Does Free Cooling Work?

The benefits of Free Cooling are significant. By utilising natural air instead of energy-intensive traditional cooling methods, your business can achieve substantial energy savings.

To learn more about Free Cooling and explore how Aqua Cooling can help optimise your cooling infrastructure, see the full video or contact our expert team today.

Additional features include:

  • Unique, cleanable, process evaporator, with large water ways (units over 16kW). This eliminates risk of blockage and subsequent costly evaporator damage, a key factor to consider in process environments where water contamination levels can be higher than normal.
  • Low GWP R513A refrigerant (up to 16kW) or R454B refrigerant operation (over 16kW). Both are low GWP refrigerants with ratings of 573 and 466 respectively and 70%+ less than R410A.
  • Integrated free cooling option, from 16kW to MW+ (our Aqua EcoPro range) – with free cooling achievable at higher ambient temperatures than with any other chiller brand on the market. 
  • Robust construction, power coated, galvanised steel frame, with a 3mm base thickness

It is also possible to retro fit free cooling to an existing chiller system. However, the benefits of an integrated free cooling chiller over a retrofit system are that everything is packaged into a single unit, with a smaller footprint.

How does an integrated free cooling chiller work?

Free cooling is the principle of using ambient air temperatures to cool return water whenever possible, rather than using mechanical refrigeration. An Aqua Pro chiller unit has an in-built free cooling coil, enabling it to intelligently sense the temperature of both the return fluid and the ambient air.

When the ambient temperature is lower than that of the return water temperature, a 3-way valve controller diverts the process return water to the free cooling coil. The coil exchanges the heat in the water to the cooler ambient air, cooling the fluid. The only mechanical action needed to achieve this is that of the fans which pull the air across the coil. In using just fans – rather than energy-hungry components such as a compressor – energy usage is drastically reduced. Plus, if you decrease the amount of time mechanical components are being used, you will extend their life span and keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

The ambient air temperature determines whether partial or full free cooling is achievable. When you consider the temperatures of a typical UK winter, you soon see how the energy and associated savings add up.

Extended Warranty

Every Aqua Pro chiller, supplied with a Planned Preventative Maintenance agreement, comes with a 3 year warranty as standard.  Cover extends to parts and labour, and the addition of a maintenance agreement ensures the validity of your warranty is protected. As well as fixed maintenance costs, you safeguard the life span of your process chiller and get real peace of mind.

Widely Available Process Chiller Parts

All the electrical and mechanical parts that make up one of our Aqua Pro chiller units, are available through either ourselves, or UK wide stockists. We deliberately do not use manufacturer specific parts in our units, giving you, the customer, flexibility of supplier and ensuring that parts are easy to source if they are ever needed.

Integrated Free Cooling Chillers Available From Stock

Our Aqua Pro chillers are available from stock, held in our Hampshire warehouse facility, meaning we can offer next day, UK wide delivery.

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