Indirect Diesel Fired Heaters

Indirect Diesel Fired Heaters For Hire

Often referred to as IDFs, indirect diesel fired heaters, are particularly suited to larger scale heating requirements. If your requirement is in-excess of 70kW then IDFs are a great option if you require large volumes of warm air to either heat or dry out a space. They are commonly used in warehousing or construction site applications, as well as temporary event spaces such as marquees.

How do indirect diesel fired heaters work?

Powered by diesel oil, indirect fired heaters have a separate chamber that houses the heat source. This means the flame is kept separate to the actual air flow so there is no direct contact, hence being described as “indirect.”   Operation is safe, clean and fume free. Their indirect design enables them to also be used for applications involving delicate or combustible materials. They are also very low noise.

Our indirect diesel fired heaters are dependable, robust in design and fuel efficient. They are also very simple to use and position. Once connected, it’s simply a case connecting your fuel source (internal or external fuel tank options available) then pressing a button and you’ll have an instant supply of hot air. Being oil fired, there’s no need for a large electrical supply.

Why hire?

There are several occasions when hiring is the best choice for a business, including.

Why hire indirect diesel fired heaters from Aqua?

Benefits of using Aqua include:

  • Fully tracked and timed delivery, 24 hours a day. Flatbed, HIAB, and crane-assisted delivery choices.
  • 24/7 support, 365 days a year is standard with all hire agreements.
  • On site management & installation – all agreed with you beforehand, so no nasty surprises along the way.

For help & support with your heating requirement call the team on
0333 004 4433.

Download our Data Sheets

We have created a range of pdf data sheets for you to download and look at in detail. Each will have technical specifications as well as other useful pieces of information to help you decide which one to hire.

Please click below to view our datasheets.

Delivery & Installation

A Complete 360 Service including:


A fully tracked and timed service, 24 hours a day, to suit your individual site requirements. Including flatbed, HIAB, and crane-assisted delivery choices. We never deliver curb side, leaving your staff to position our kit.


Agreed with you beforehand. All our engineers carry full PPE and will manage work according to agreed RAMS and specific site H&S conditions. Where required, we provide F-Gas and Gas Safe accredited engineers.

24 Hour Support

All our Hire customers benefit from 24/7 helpline coverage and breakdown service. We also offer Remote Monitoring of equipment to help underpin our offering.

On-site Management

Aqua staff can remain on site throughout the duration of your rental project to ensure you – or your client - has total cover.