Hire Chillers Set Petrochemical Processor Up For Summer

The Client –

Petrochemical manufacturer

The Challenge –

Seasonal temperature increases affecting production

The Solution –

Temporary cooling solution, incorporating Aqua Pro hire chillers

Hiring, rather than purchasing temperature control equipment, is perfect for businesses affected by seasonal temperature changes. There’s no need for capital investment and you only pay for the period you need the equipment for. Many of our clients rent from us annually, to cover the summer months when their existing cooling system is impacted by the higher ambient temperatures. That was exactly the case for a blue-chip petrochemical manufacturer looking for help with cooling their furnace facility.


For several months of the year, our client’s furnace is successfully cooled by their existing dry air cooler system. However, as the weather warms up, the coolers start to struggle which affects production. The furnace generates a huge amount of heat during operation and if it isn’t cooled sufficiently components can get damaged and safety can become compromised.


Aqua supplied a hire package of 3 x 160kW Aqua Pro chillers and 3 x plate heat exchangers. The kit was supplied on a 5-month rental agreement to cover the warmer months. The chillers provide water at a specific temperature – in this case 15°C – to the plate heat exchangers. The process fluid passes from the furnace through the heat exchangers and, as a result, is cooled to the required temperature, before being recirculated back into the furnace.

The Aqua Pro chiller range has been specifically designed for industrial cooling applications, making it ideal for a furnace cooling application. They have an innovative coaxial evaporator, which is manufactured in 0.7mm thick copper and has up to 8mm water ways. The chillers are highly efficient and operate on low GWP R454B refrigerant. Robustly built, with a power coated galvanised steel frame, the Aqua Pro range stands up to the most aggressive environments.


The client has peace of mind that their facility will operate efficiently and safely over the summer months.

“This is the second year running we’ve supported this particular client” explains Aqua’s Jack Crawford. “Summer in the UK is, at best, a little unpredictable, which makes hire a great option. I work with so many clients who just can’t afford to have any production downtime, so when they need help, they need it fast. Contingency planning can also be beneficial for clients in this scenario as we can ensure we have exactly what you need, available when you need it.”

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