Automotive Manufacturing Cooling Solutions

Automotive Manufacturing Cooling Solutions

Moving at a fast pace and in a competitive field, it’s vital that your automotive production processes and teams can rely on your process cooling equipment – helping you to deliver high-quality results while optimising your costs.

We work directly with both component sub manufacturers and automotive manufacturers, as well as OEMs and Engineering Procurement Consultants to design, specify, install, commission and maintain cooling and temperature control systems.

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Applications we can help you with

We’ve provided temperature control solutions for a wide range of automotive manufacturing applications, including:

  • Body panel pressing
  • Hot body panel pressing
  • Injection moulding/Blow moulding
  • Paint lines
  • Engine test systems
  • Component test systems
  • Environmental chambers
  • Welding lines
  • Laser cutting systems
  • Expandable polyurethane systems
  • Roof/floor lining

To discuss your automotive temperature control project, please call us on 0333 004 4433 or click here.

Complete cooling solutions that you can count on

We understand how critical it is that your projects are a success.

Our highly trained engineers are experts in designing cooling and temperature control solutions for automotive manufacturing processes. 

By carefully understanding your project, systems and objectives, our engineers will provide an energy-efficient, cost-effective and high-quality solution that you can rely on.

We will work closely with you to design out-risk and can install and commission on hot sites without disruption to your processes.

Reliable, efficient equipment

From ‘off the shelf’ or ‘plug and play’ to bespoke systems, along with our breadth of experience, we can provide the perfect equipment to ensure that your process temperature control is accurate and effective.

Along with our wide range of ChillersAdiabatic CoolersFree CoolersCooling Towers, and Temperature Control Units, we can design and install pipework with all the other auxiliaries you may need.

Tailored to your needs

Whether you are looking for a permanent solution or to carry out a trial, we can provide equipment on capital or hire basis.

As well as ensuring that your equipment is functioning correctly from the offset, we can provide planned maintenance services and 24/7 support.

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