Bespoke Design Solution Overcomes Space Challenge

The Client –

UK Industrial Gas Manufacturer

The Challenge –

System Upgrade, Within Restricted Footprint

The Solution –

Built To Order Air Blast Solution

Our client specialises in the manufacture of industrial gases which are used across several sectors including food & beverage, medical and petrochemical, to name just a few. As well as more widely known gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and helium, some speciality gases are manufactured for specific processes.

Aqua were tasked with upgrading the cooling to the compression system used in the gas manufacturing process. As production has increased over recent years, our customer was keen to replace their existing dated equipment with new whilst increasing the system’s cooling capacity at the same time.

Limited by the footprint available, our design team worked on a specially manufactured air blast cooler design to ensure the new system would fit within the existing space. Along with the cooler, sits pumps, pressurisation set, expansion and header tanks. Using 3D imagery, our designers ensured all the equipment would fit into the restricted footprint.

The system is sat on a skid, with a control system bespoke to the client’s specifications. The skid design enabled the entire system to be delivered to site and connected, keeping installation work and disruption to production at a minimum.

The bespoke 490kW capacity air blast cooler, incorporates EC fans and the pumps have inverter drives, maximising overall energy efficiency. It’s anticipated that energy saving will be over 50% compared to the legacy cooler that was in situ.

The full solution included:

  • Custom skid design
  • Bespoke equipment manufacture
  • Air blast cooler, pumps, pressurisation set and tanks,
  • Bespoke control system

In addition, because the air blast cooler is in a coastal environment, final specification included marine paint and coated fins to eliminate any risk of corrosion.