Ice Rink Chiller Hire

Aqua can assist with both temporary seasonal ice rinks and permanent structures. right the way through from product selection to delivery, installation, melt out and decommissioning.

Ice Rink Cooling

Product reliability, application expertise and UK wide 24/7 support are reasons why ice rink operators choose Aqua as their temperature control partner. From temporary, seasonal rinks to permanent leisure and arena rinks, Aqua can help with all your ice rink cooling requirements. Talk to the team

Applications we can help you with

We’ve provided temperature control solutions for a wide range of automotive manufacturing applications, including:

  • Body panel pressing
  • Hot body panel pressing
  • Injection moulding/Blow moulding
  • Paint lines
  • Engine test systems
  • Component test systems
  • Environmental chambers
  • Welding lines
  • Laser cutting systems
  • Expandable polyurethane systems
  • Roof/floor lining

To discuss your automotive temperature control project, please call us on 0333 004 4433 or click here.

Temporary Ice Rink Chiller and Cooling Solution

We’ve worked on a huge amount of seasonal ice rink cooling projects, commonly over the festive period. Whilst traditionally it might be “the season to be jolly,” there’s nothing more likely to ruin the Christmas atmosphere than a slushy, uneven skating surface! Our Engineers are refrigeration specialists and fully understand the critical nature of ice rink cooling applications. Aqua can help with product specification & installation, right through to melt out and decommissioning.

We’ll install a duty share system as a matter or course. This gives you built in redundancy and peace of mind. For example, if you need a 100kW chiller to run your rink, we’ll supply 2 x 50kW units. That way should the worst ever happen, and one chiller develops a fault, you still have a second chiller to keep you operational until our Engineers get to site to address the problem.

temporary ice rink cooling

Ice Rink Cooling Made Easy

Aqua can look after all aspects of your ice rink cooling project. We’ll come to site, free of charge, and assess your rink, considering size, specification, access points, budget etc.

Typically, for a temporary rink, our Engineers will specify a low temperature chiller which simply connects to your rink’s cooling mat (normally steel or rubber construction) using quick release couplings, or adapt onto any connection type of your choice. Coolant – a water + glycol mix – is then circulated around the cooling circuit with the ice being built up over time until it is at a thickness suitable for your application.

Ice Rink Cooling Made Easy by Cooling Experts

24/7 Ice Rink Cooling Support

When it comes to support, we’re on hand 24/7, even on Christmas Day itself! Our expert Engineers are based across the UK, so we’re never far away if you need assistance.

All our rental chiller agreements come with helpline coverage and breakdown service as standard. If we can’t get you back up and running, then we’ll just replace the hire chiller. That said, with most chillers within our hire fleet being less than 12 months old, a fault is unlikely.

If your ice rink has a permanent cooling system installation, then one of our Planned Preventative Maintenance agreements will ensure you have the support you need.

Ice Rink Cooling Made Easy by Cooling Experts

Permanent Ice Rink Cooling

Aqua also collaborate on fixed indoor rink projects, where the operator is looking to purchase their temperature control equipment. With one installation, for a local leisure centre rink, we designed a bespoke cooling & heat reclaim system. The heat taken from the ice rink was repurposed to heat the neighbouring swimming pool complex, lowering energy usage and carbon impact.

For all your ice rink cooling requirements – temporary or fixed – call the team today 0333 004 4433 to discuss your requirements.