Aqua Keeps Ice Cream Churning

The Client –

Ice Cream Manufacturer, Marshfield Farm

The Challenge –

Existing System Upgrade

The Solution –

Adiabatic & Chiller System

Aqua Cooling have installed innovative technology to an expanding ice cream manufacturer.

Marshfield Farm had an existing cooling system from Aqua but wanted to expand the existing set up to cope with increased product demand.

The organic dairy and arable farm, based north of Bath, has more than doubled its ice cream production over the past 10 years. It produces over 30 flavours of award-winning premium ice cream and sorbet, all made with the farm’s own organic milk and all-natural ingredients.

Aqua supplied and installed a 200kW Adiabatic Cooling system and 75kW of chillers to supplement Marshfield’s existing set up. The state-of-the-art Cooling technology not only helps increase production capacity as demand for the farm’s ice cream reaches new heights, but also optimises energy efficiency.

Innovative design resulted in a system with a regeneration capacity, meaning the need for expensive refrigerated water is reduced by around 90%. The heat that is created when the product is pasteurized is recovered and recycled and then chilled water is just used to cool the product to 4°C for packaging. Full cooling capacity is only needed for the first and last cycle of the day.

Aqua Cooling’s Adiabatic products are engineered to maximise energy savings. They incorporate ultra efficient EC fans and have a variable adiabatic spray system which dramatically reduces water consumption.
Aqua Sales Director, Simon Davis, said: “Marshfield Farm has been a client for more than a decade, so it’s great to have seen the family-run business grow alongside Aqua and our new system will help the farm’s continual expansion programme.”

“We worked on the project alongside trusted dairy experts which enabled us to create a bespoke cooling system that recycles many of the required elements and works more efficiently overall.”