CDU with leak prevention system

CDU with Leak Prevention

A comprehensive range of CDU with Leak Prevention that provides precision cooling to data centre environments. 

About CDU with Leak Prevention

Aqua’s patented, award-winning, Leak Prevention System (LPS) technology, is at the heart of our CDU units and enables data centres to embrace the energy efficiency benefits of water-cooled cooling technologies, without any of the fears that can arise at the thought of exposing critical equipment to water.  The Aqua LPS guarantees continual, leak-free operation.  It isn’t a leak detection device; it prevents a leak from ever occurring in the first instance.  

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How does the Aqua Leak Prevention System work?

The LPS has a simple scientific principle at its heart – the Venturi effect. A Venturi tube turns the water pressure from positive to negative. Water always circulates at negative pressure. If any connection, hose, pipe, or other part of the data centre cooling circuit fails and creates a leak, air is drawn into it and carried within the fluid, preventing it from escaping.

Water is continually sucked through the system, carrying the air drawn in from the leak – wherever it is – back to the LPS and changed to positive pressure to remove the air via a vent to the atmosphere. A solid column of water is then recirculated, again under negative pressure. Even if a leak occurs, cooling is maintained.

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Why is the Leak Prevention System such a game changer?

Prior to the evolution of Aqua’s LPS, the only protection available if you wanted to deploy water-cooled equipment, was a leak detection system.  These often relied on water leaking, running off pipework or spraying from a burst pipe, to activate an alarm and shut the system down.  By this stage, the damage is done, and critical data and hardware have been compromised. 

Detection systems are also very hit and miss – they need to be sensitive enough to alert personnel to a leak, but not overly sensitive to create false alarms.  Leak detection tape, for example, must be regularly checked & maintained.  Some facilities install two identical systems – using up valuable real estate and doubling costs – so that they have a fail-safe should a leak occur.  Our LPS eradicates the need for this completely.

Award-winning Leak Prevention System

The LPS won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation in 2015, one of the UK’s most prestigious business accolades.  It also received a Commended Innovation Award from the Institute of Physics.    

The LPS can be integrated with most data centre cooling technologies and is available on a supply only basis or as part of a complete cooling system.  

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