Keeping University Computers Cool

The Client –

Swansea University In Wales

The Challenge –

Data Centre Cooling For £450mil New Bay Campus

The Solution –

Hybrid Cooling System With LPS

Aqua Cooling has installed a state-of-the-art hybrid cooling system for Swansea University in Wales as an integral part of its £450 million New Bay Campus development.

Combined with computer cabinet rear doors, Aqua’s hybrid adiabatic coolers feature the company’s Queen’s Award-winning guaranteed leak prevention technology (LPS) which allows the effective and worry-free use of a refrigerant-free water cooling system within the sensitive data centre cooling environment.

The hybrid system also represents a significant technological stride forward by providing an effective, cost-effective water-treatment free ambient cooling system that eliminates the emission of excess water spray and standing water. The minimal amount of water that is produced by the cooling process is treated by ultra violet filters incorporated into the system.

Aqua’s Head of Projects, Thain Aiken, explains why Swansea University adopted Aqua’s eco-friendly energy efficient system:

Thain said: “It has been an incredibly rewarding project. New and returning Swansea students will benefit from this latest application of Aqua’s tried and tested cooling technology, and they can be sure our systems will effectively maintain their learning environments at a comfortable temperature.”

“We are thrilled that our installation will support the university’s drive towards energy efficiency as it increasingly opts for greener operating alternatives.”

“Working with this institution has been an extremely enjoyable experience and our hybrid technology is perfect for use in the educational setting’” Thain added.

The hybrid adiabatic system is a cost-effective, chemical-free and leak-free cooling solution with an excellent HSE safety record that is designed to regulate temperatures in closed environments such as data centres. Aqua’s hybrid system in enhanced by the company’s LPS — revolutionary anti-leak technology that not only detects potential fissures in the system and prevents leaks until a more permanent solution can be implemented.