Adiabatic Coolers

A comprehensive range of adiabatic coolers for all types of application and requirements.

About Adiabatic Coolers

Adiabatic coolers are low-maintenance, cost-effective and environmentally friendly options for temperature control on your site. They are a popular alternative to cooling towers and are used in situations that require a water temperature of 25˚C+.

Our range of adiabatic coolers, from 50 to 1500kW, have been built with the latest technology in the field of adiabatic spray systems and come with efficient EC fans as standard.

Aqua can supply and install adiabatic coolers for any setting. Get in touch with our team to arrange yours, today.

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Why choose an adiabatic cooler?

In the UK we can experience up to 35°C air temperatures but with adiabatic coolers, it’s possible to maintain 25°C fluid outlet temperatures for almost all the year.

Adiabatic units can achieve fluid temperatures within 5°C of wet bulb ambient temperature and operate in ‘dry mode’ other than the hottest summer days, which means that the ‘adiabatic mode’ spray system is only required for a small proportion of the year.

On the hottest days, the system will activate the adiabatic mode and spray a high-pressure water mist evenly across the total air stream. The evaporation of that water provides an ‘adiabatic’ effect, lowering the air temperature as it enters the cooler resulting in process water to temperatures lower than the design ambient dry bulb.

The water spray activity is tightly monitored using a pulsing mechanism to ensure optimised adiabatic cooling is provided for any given load and ambient condition. This control reduces water consumption and running costs for a long, fault-free lifespan.

The adiabatic spray system is delivered by a variable speed DC pump which pressurises the nozzle at between 4 and 10 bar, dependant on load and ambient, to achieve the correct atomisation of the water.

Minimal water consumption, zero chemicals, safe & efficient

In contrast to a standard cooling tower, the coolant water/fluid does not meet the air and therefore there’s no risk of the coolant being contaminated from airborne debris.  Additionally, because the adiabatic water is not recirculated, chemical water treatment and cleaning/disinfection is not required, saving on cost and operational downtime.

In addition, all water is drained at the end of each spray session and flushed once every 4 days if the spray is not used.

The water required to operate the spray system is less than 2% of a hybrid cooling tower and less than 0.5% of a traditional cooling tower.

The system includes UV sterilization of the adiabatic water as standard which is extremely effective at killing bacteria including legionella. Evaporative water is not collected or recycled, and the sterilisation removes the need for costly ongoing chemical treatment or registration with local authorities.

Low maintenance

Our spray nozzles are designed for industrial applications, which makes them easy to clean simply by unscrewing, brushing, and replacing the nozzle.

The stainless-steel spray pipework system does not corrode or oxidise over time but stays operational and aesthetically pleasing.

The coil is protected with a hydrophilic coating, as standard, just in case the coil gets wet during normal operation and to protect it from corrosion.

Our adiabatic coolers are quick and easy to install; however, we can take care of your project from start to finish, from system design to delivery to your site, installation, and commissioning.

Our highly qualified engineers are always on hand to provide any advice or support you with our preventative maintenance plans and emergency breakdown service.

Download our Data Sheets

We have created a range of pdf data sheets for you to download and look at in detail. Each will have technical specifications as well as other useful pieces of information to help you decide which one to hire.

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Design & Installation

A Complete 360 Service including:

Design Consultancy

Free design consultancy including AutoCAD drawings, 3D modelling and energy calculations.

Project Management

Encompassing civil works, offloading & positioning, pipework installation, mains power & cabling, commissioning and CDM compliance. All our Engineers are F-Gas accredited specialists and manage work according to agreed RAMS and site-specific H&S conditions.

Aftersales Support

Including preventative maintenance service plans to maximise efficiency and extend product lifespan. We can also help with spare parts, glycol, and water treatment.