Propane Chillers Future Proof Dairy


The Client –

North of England dairy processor

The Challenge –

Replacement cooling system

The Solution –

Propane chiller system

Effective temperature management is key to dairy processing. Standard processes, such as pasteurisation, use temperature control to meet food safety requirements and to maintain product quality. A dairy, based in the North of England, approached Aqua to support them with the design, supply & installation of a replacement cooling system which could underpin their processes for years to come.


The dairy supplies supermarkets across the UK with goats’ milk, as well as products that they process from the raw milk, including yoghurt, cheese, butter, and cream. The existing system on site was ageing and they were keen to replace it with updated equipment which would help future proof their business.

From an initial site visit, it quickly became apparent that Aqua could help them significantly increase the efficiency and sustainability of their pasteurisation process, by considering an alternative, sustainable refrigerant. It would also reduce their day-to-day operating costs.


Aqua proposed a new system, based on the premise of using units from our Aqua Propane chiller range. Refrigerant grade propane, or R290, is a natural refrigerant with an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of 0 and a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of < 3.

Propane chillers offer a long-term cooling solution, as their green properties mean they’re unaffected by the phase down regulations which target hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) or greenhouse gases. So, whilst being very sustainable, R290 is also one of the lowest cost refrigerants currently available.

Refrigerant grade propane is also a pure refrigerant, so there’s no glide to allow for, meaning operation is consistently stable.

The new dairy system looks after cooling for the entire facility, from the raw milk being offloaded from tankers, through to the processing and bottling stages. We also designed a bespoke galvanised steel gantry frame and staircase, allowing the new equipment to be sited at high level, leaving the area below still accessible.

The full solution included:


“As well as achieving an extremely efficient and high performing system, our client has dramatically reduced their overall carbon footprint and operating costs and they’ve definitely ticked the future proofing box!”” explains Aqua Area Sales manager, Mark Hopper.

“R290 refrigerant is becoming increasingly popular with food sector clients, as businesses look to reduce their carbon impact and drive towards Nett Zero. With all the regulatory changes surrounding refrigerants, choosing the most suitable can be a minefield for customers. It’s our job to simplify that process, helping them to achieve the best solution for their specific needs.”

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