Customisable Temperature Control System For Metal Finishing OEM

The Client –

Metal finishing OEM

The Challenge –

Achieving reliable temperature control

The Solution –

Fully customisable temperature control system 

Dependable temperature control is key to the success of metal finishing processes. It ensures the manufacturing process stays operational and on schedule, as well as maintaining consistency and quality of the final product. Ben Newman, our OEM Specialist, worked with Aqua’s internal design team to devise a customisable temperature control system for a new OEM customer operating within this sector.


Metal, or surface finishing, refers to a range of industrial processes which alter the surface of metal. It covers techniques such as powder coating, galvanising, and anodising, to name but a few. Ben’s OEM client supplies plant equipment and ancillaries to end clients within this industry.

From time to time, these end clients expand their businesses, acquiring new or larger plant or replacing their existing process equipment. If the equipment does not work correctly, downtime, reduction in production and quality issues can result, all of which they’re obviously keen to eliminate.

A typical plant system consists of several baths that products are dipped into, either cleaning up, degreasing, or giving different finishes to the surface of the product. These baths need to be kept at a pre-set temperature for optimum results, otherwise the fluid within them could overheat and evaporate, which puts the process – and the finished product – in jeopardy.


Ben and the team proposed a solution which would be easily customisable depending on the specific equipment and operating conditions that the OEM client was supplying.

Essentially,  the fluid in the baths recirculates around a plate heat exchanger and the process is cooled by a chiller. For example, one end user had a 70kW thermal heat load and needed a coolant supply temperature of -8°C, with the process feeding 3 separate tank systems. For this scenario we supplied a single chiller from our Aqua Pro range and the coolant from it is fed to all 3 tanks. Utilising a single chiller for multiple processes keeps the footprint of the installation to a minimum too.

Aqua Pro chillers are particularly suited to manufacturing applications such as surface finishing. The chillers benefit from innovative evaporator and condenser design and are well equipped to stand up to the conditions that industrial environments can bring. They’re also have great eco credentials, making them highly efficient too.

The ease by which our solution can be customised was a big plus for our OEM. Whether they’re selling single or multiple tank arrangements, the temperature control system can be adapted accordingly. Depending on the end user’s site conditions, enhancements can easily be made. For example, if the baths are being used in an aggressive, heavy industrial environment, the condenser coils can be pre painted to give added protection. Performance modifications can also be incorporated, for example variable fan speed control, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing electricity usage and cost.


“Once installation is complete, our OEM customer now has a very reliable temperature control system which can be scaled up and enhanced depending on their client’s individual requirement” explains Ben. “As an OEM, speed of response and ongoing service support are paramount and really valued. So, as well as our solution, the fact that we could assure the client of 24/7 nationwide support, was important.”

If you’re an OEM looking for support with temperature control, contact Ben Newman, Aqua’s OEM Specialist on 0333 004 4433.