Aqua Backs Eco Friendly Free Cooling Initiative

For companies thinking of replacing or upgrading an existing process chiller system, Aqua have just the answer – a Carbon Trust loan.

Part of a £10 million Government backed scheme, Energy-Efficiency Loans are designed to save companies money when they replace their equipment with a more energy efficient version. Whilst terms and conditions apply, most companies defined as Small or Medium-sized Enterprises (SME’s) can apply for between £5,000 to £100,000, unsecured for up to four years at 0% interest and with no arrangement fees involved.

To qualify the overall project cost must be less than, or equal to, five times the estimated annual energy savings. The term of the loan is determined by the energy payback of the project. For example a £6,000 loan which is anticipated to make an energy cost saving of £2,000 per year would be repaid over 3 years, with the monthly repayments calculated accordingly. Companies that have already taken advantage of the Energy-Efficiency Loans initiative have often found that a modest investment reduces their power bills by 20%.

Aqua Cooling Solutions offer an extensive project range, with all units available with free cooling. The option is factory fitted and all components are integrally mounted within the chillers. In addition, Aqua provide a ‘bolt on’ free cooler option which can be fitted retrospectively to an existing chilled water system to upgrade it to free cooling.

The free cooling circuit comprises of a finned copper tube, aluminium matrix with a 3 way valve fitted to the water circuit. This is controlled by the main electronic controller which also senses the outside ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature falls below the return water temperature, the valve bypasses the fluid through the free cooling coil to give partial or total free cooling.

In addition to conserving energy and reducing running costs, the free cooling reduces compressor-running time, maintenance costs and extends the longevity of the system.

“The Carbon Trust’s initiative is really a win, win situation for everyone involved” explains Aqua’s Director, Simon Davis. “Not only do smaller businesses get the opportunity to carry out projects that previously may not have been economically viable, but they then get to make regular energy savings whilst safeguarding the future of the environment” explains Aqua’s Director Simon Davis. “Several of our clients see payback for a free cooling system in as little as 12 months. Once these savings exceed the capital amount of the loan they go straight back onto the bottom line.”