Aqua Debuts Aqua Pro Chiller Range

Aqua have launched a new range of completely packaged chillers. The Aqua Pro units have been specifically designed for process applications and display an impressive array of standard features.

The chillers cover cooling capacities from 1kW to MW+, working with process fluid temperatures from -25°C to +20°C. As well as a process specific design, incorporating an innovative coaxial evaporator, the Aqua Pro demonstrates a real commitment to reducing energy costs and carbon impact.

The Aqua Pro utilises a 0.7mm thick copper coaxial evaporator, with 8mm water pathways. The larger than normal pathways eliminate any risk of blockage and subsequent evaporator damage. Water contamination by debris is all too common within the process industry, so this design feature is a clear benefit. The condenser within the Aqua Pro is 0.4mm thick copper construction, double the industry standard of 0.2mm.

“The Aqua Pro range is here to make a difference to the industry,” explains Aqua Sales Director, Owen Hymers. “We wanted to design a chiller that can stand up to the demands & challenges that the process market faces daily. Yet we also wanted to tackle, head on, the issues around energy consumption and the environment that are impacting us all.”

“Low GWP R454B refrigerant comes as standard, as does completely integrated free cooling. R454B has a GWP rating over 75% lower than R410A, one of the most deployed refrigerants within our industry. R454B achieves a balance between optimal efficiency and performance levels whilst addressing pressing environmental concerns.”

“The Aqua Pro achieves free cooling at higher ambient temperatures than any of its contemporaries. We have helped customers dramatically cut their energy costs by using free cooling – in some cases by 80%. It’s a real game changer, not just for customers but also the environment.”

Aqua hold stock of the Aqua Pro range at their Hampshire based Head Office & Warehouse facility, enabling them to offer next day, UK wide delivery. Units come with a 3-year parts & labour warranty.

All electrical & mechanical parts are available through Aqua, or UK wide stockists, giving customers flexibility of supply and making parts easy to source if needed, rather than being manufacturer specific. The Aqua Pro is highly configurable and able to cope with the most complex requirements. For example, options include special finishing for marine based applications and low noise fans and soundproofing for noise sensitive environments.

For More information visit Aqua Pro