Aqua Take Free Cooling To A New Level

Aqua Cooling are now offering optimised free cooling within their EcoPro chiller range.

The Aqua EcoPro chillers achieve free cooling within 3°C of ambient, so at much higher ambient temperature than previously possible. This is due to the innovative arrangement of the units’ condenser coil. The EcoPro range has been specifically designed to maximise free cooling potential, so each model has an in-built free cooling coil with the largest surface area possible for its respective footprint.

“Whilst free cooling is widely recognised as a fantastic way of reducing energy costs and lowering carbon emissions, optimised free cooling takes things a step further” explains Aqua Sales & Marketing Director, Owen Hymers.

“Within our industry, similar products can achieve free cooling within 10°C of ambient temperature. However, with the Aqua EcoPro, free cooling is achievable within  3°C – a difference of 7°C+ over its competitors. Aqua are the only UK based partner to offer optimised free cooling currently and I think that’s evidence of our commitment to pushing boundaries when it comes to product innovation and finding the best solutions for our customers.”

“When you invest in an EcoPro chiller you benefit not only from a product designed to cope with the rigours of the process industry, but one that has impressive green credentials. Units operate on R454B, an environmentally friendly refrigerant with a GWP rating over 75% lower than R410A.” 

With free cooling, ambient air is used to cool, rather than mechanical refrigeration. Energy consumption reduces, hand in hand with operating costs and carbon impact. Whilst it’s application specific, annual energy savings can be in-excess of 80%, giving payback in as little as 6-18 months and great return on investment.

Depending on unit size, the EcoPro chillers have either a 0.7mm thick copper coaxial evaporator or a shell & tube evaporator, constructed from 0.4mm thick copper. Both evaporator designs have large water pathways and the chillers come with a 3-year parts & 1-year labour warranty.