Put Cooling Hire Top Of Your Christmas List

It’s synonymous with festive tradition and, with 10 million consumed last year alone, it’s no surprise that turkey farming is a huge industry in the UK.

Yet, for farmers and processors, getting the perfect turkey ready for the big day can be a complex task, and one that Aqua Hire’s team are on standby to help with as seasonal preparations get underway.

After an intensive period of rearing, with Christmas Day on the horizon, turkeys will be hung, plucked, quality checked and then stored. Whether destined for the shelves of a supermarket chain or an independent butcher, millions of white, bronze and black turkeys will be winging their way, quite literally, to suppliers nationwide in the lead up to Christmas day.

Storage facilities will be at maximum capacity and producers are working to tight timescales, so it’s now that a Chiller Hire Temporary Cooling solution can take the heat off – quite literally.

By positioning a Hire Chiller outside a farm or storage building, contents can be kept at a consistent ambient temperature, avoiding the risk of any temperature fluctuations that would compromise the quality of the turkeys. In an increasingly competitive market, quality standards set by retailers and expected by consumers are extremely high, meaning turkey producers need to have real confidence in their temperature control systems.

Aqua Hire offer one of the most reliable and efficient close control solutions on the market. Our Hire units benefit from the latest in cooling technology and the minimum hire period starts at just one week.

All in all, this makes hire a very viable option for seasonal cooling requirements.

Our dedicated Hire team have worked with food producers and manufacturers on festive requirements nationwide, not only turkey farmers but vegetable processors and confectionery manufacturers alike.

For more information and free technical advice call the Aqua Hire team today on 0333 004 4433.

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