Cooling System Water Treatment

Cooling System Water Treatment

Manage and prevent Legionella with cooling system water treatments. 

In the right environment, Legionella bacteria can disperse through water droplets, putting employees, customers, contractors and visitors at risk of being contaminated and exposed. 

Aqua provides cooling system water treatment services to prevent contamination and keep your company safe. Contact us now to arrange your visit or treatment.

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One-Off & Regular Water Treatments

Aqua provide a range of clearing, disinfectant, cooling system water monitoring and treatment as either a stand-alone service or an integral part of one of our Planned Preventative Maintenance plans, so you can rest assured that your people and operation are always protected.

Our specially formulated range of AquaCool cooling system water treatment products has been created to effectively cleanse and protect cooling systems from legionella bacteria, limescale, iron and debris build-up. Our services include: 

Stay Compliant With Cooling System Water Treatments

Legionnaire’s disease is a potentially fatal infection. The disease is caught by the inhalation of water droplets from water systems containing the organism at high levels. Although legionnaires disease is relatively rare, other infections can also occur, such as Pontiac Fever and Lochgoilhead Fever.

There is a greater risk of legionella bacteria developing if water is stored or re-circulated as part of your cooling system, the water temperature in all or some part of the system is between 20–45 °C and there are deposits that can support bacterial growth, such as rust, sludge, scale and organic matter.

The true numbers of legionella infections are not known, but the detected outbreaks attract massive publicity and could cause system operators to be prosecuted for serious offences. 

The HSE publishes an Approved Code of Practice (ACoP L8), which provides guidance on legionella control and legionella testing. Complying with L8 helps you to comply with the law and avoid significant fines or even a custodial sentence.

Cooling towers, evaporative condensers, adiabatic coolers and any other equipment linked to, or with, a stored or re-circulating water source are considered high risk breeding grounds for the legionella bacteria. 

At Aqua, we can provide you with a comprehensive legionella management strategy to help ensure your statutory compliance to ACoP L8 and reduce your risk of a legionella outbreak.

More Information About Cooling System Water Treatments & Products

AquaCool SF10

A high concentrate pH neutral cleaning fluid for the removal of iron and lime scale deposits, flux residues and other sediment deposits from HVAC, heat pump, refrigerant and process cooling pipework during pre-commissioning. 

Available in 1, 5 and 20 litre containers.

AquaCool SF50

A concentrated water-soluble liquid blend of corrosion inhibitors and pH buffers, designed to provide long lasting protection against corrosion in multi-metal closed circuit water systems, helping to maintain energy efficiency. 

Available in 1, 10, 20, 200 and 1,000 litre containers.

AquaCool SF20

A stabilised, fast acting, sanitiser and biocide solution, especially formulated for use with ground/water and air source heat pump, biomass systems and in process cooling, chilling and refrigeration systems. Following the use of AquaCool SF10, this should be used as part of pre-commissioning cleaning.

Available in 1, 5 and 20 litre containers.

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Delivery & Installation

A Complete 360 Service Offering:


A fully-tracked and timed service 24 hours a day to suit your individual site requirements. Including flatbed, HIAB and crane-assisted delivery choices. We never deliver curb side and leave it for your staff to position our kit.


Where required, we will provide fully qualified refrigeration engineers and on gas-specific applications - a registered Gas Safe engineer.

24 Hour Support

All Aqua customers benefit from helpline coverage and a breakdown service. We also offer Remote Monitoring of equipment to help underpin this service.

F-Gas & Gas Safe

Where required, we will provide fully qualified refrigeration engineers and on gas-specific applications - a registered Gas Safe engineer.

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