A Contingency Plan That Delivers

The Client –

Rubber Processor

The Challenge –

Seasonal Temperature Rise

The Solution –

Emergency Short Term Chiller Hire

When a Wiltshire based rubber compounder’s contingency plan fell through, Aqua’s Hire team were happy to step into the breach with an Emergency Chiller Hire solution.

The plant uses cooling towers to provide efficient and effective cooling to its process across the year. The towers feed water into the factory at an optimum temperature of 20°C.

However, if the ambient temperature rises sufficiently during the summer months, the wet bulb temperature becomes higher than the required 20°C. For the peak summer UK temperatures, the client hires a Chiller to give additional cooling capacity and to ensure the required temperature is constantly maintained. Their existing pipework has stab in points so a Chiller Hire unit can be delivered and quickly installed, getting production back on track.

The Hire option works especially well for the client as it avoids the company having to invest in a Chiller unit which they’re only going to use for a few weeks each year. Equally, by having a Contingency plan in place, the required equipment is already specified and it’s just a matter of delivery to site.

However, on this occasion, when it came to implementing their Contingency, their previous supplier wasn’t able to supply the chiller for next day delivery so Aqua Hire happily took up the challenge!

A member of our Hire team took the initial enquiry in the morning and a site visit was carried out the same day. Within 24 hours from initial enquiry our Industrial Chiller was delivered and installed. Our network of engineers based around the UK enables us to provide clients with rapid turnaround which is critical to the Hire market.

Our solution included:

  • 200kW process chiller
  • Same day site survey
  • Next day delivery & installation

So, whether you’re looking to plan your Contingency or looking for an Emergency Hire specialist, don’t get caught out, make Aqua your first port of call.

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