Aqua Link Up With Arthur McKay

The Client –

Lloyds Bank In Halifax

The Challenge –

3.4mW Project For A Comfort Cooling System

The Solution –

Cooling Tower Installation

Aqua Cooling’s latest cooling tower installation centred around a 3.4 MW project for the comfort cooling system at Lloyds Bank in Halifax.

The Lloyds Banking Group commissioned Arthur McKay Building Services with an initial design criteria that specified inlet and outlet temperatures of 37°C and 27°C respectively, a 293.8m³/h flow rate, and a wet bulb temperature of 20°C.

In response, Aqua supplied and installed a 3.4 MW cooling system, comprising four stainless steel SPX Marley cooling towers. Aqua Cooling is the approved UK distributor for the Marley range and the system was designed to incorporate spare capacity to allow maintenance to be carried out. The system’s overall capacity is in excess of 130%, so even with one tower out of operation the remaining three will still provide 98.4% capacity.

The towers, from Marley’s NC range, have been supplied in stainless steel to increase the versatility and life-span of the installation. “The NC model combines high capacity with high efficiency and a smaller profile, making it the ideal choice for larger applications”, explains Peter Fowles, Aqua’s Projects Engineer.

The NC towers have state-of-the-art components in a time-tested tower design which has proven itself again and again in installations world-wide. The NC achieves lower operation costs and energy usage, accomplishing ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies up to six times more than required.

Lynne Allison, from Arthur McKay Building Services, commented: “The equipment was supplied and installed to a very good standard and met with the client’s requirements. Aqua Cooling provided very sound technical and project assistance to ensure that the overall project went very well and to the client’s satisfaction.”