Aqua Provide Emergency Response To Police Station

The Client –

Police Centre In Hampshire

The Challenge –

Failing Boiler System Affecting Heating

The Solution –

Containerised Boiler Room, Short-Term Hire

A facilities maintenance client got in touch with Aqua’s Hire team when a failing Boiler Heating system at one of their sites was affecting the comfort Heating supply.

The building, a fully operational police station, had two long standing boiler units in-situ which were responsible for providing Heating to the entire building, via a radiator system. One unit had already failed and the second was showing real signs of struggling during the colder winter months.

An Aqua engineer went to site, carried out a site survey and a 300kW containerised gas boiler room was immediately ordered. Once the unit was delivered to site, our Gas Safe accredited installation engineers were able to run a temporary gas tract from the building’s gas main to the Boiler Plant Room. This meant the heating system was back on line within 72 hours from when the initial call came into our Hire desk!

The Boiler was hired on a flexible short-term agreement, giving the client time to replace the failed equipment, safe in the knowledge that the heating supply to the Police Station would be unaffected. Aqua’s range of Containerised Boilers are a cost effective and efficient hire option because they provide a fully packaged solution. Everything plant room related is contained within the one place and they can also be sited away from the main building, overcoming space and real estate issues for clients.

Aqua’s Hire team understand the specific requirements that their FM clients have, for example the importance of rapid response, service backup and flexible Hire options.

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