Aqua Takes the Heat Off Chemical Giant

The Client –

UK Manufacturing Facility – Global Chemical Client

The Challenge –

Excess Process Heat Management

The Solution –

Temporary Supplementary Chiller System

An increase in temperature and that first glimmer of sunshine each year are normally the first signs that summer is on its way. Whilst this is very much welcomed by the majority, it can herald the arrival of a whole new set of challenges as a UK manufacturing client discovered.

The client, a global chemical processor, uses a cooling tower-based system to provide process cooling at their UK production facility. This works extremely effectively and efficiently for most of the year, but as ambient temperatures rise during the summer months the system struggled to cool to set point due to this increase in the wet bulb temperature (the wet bulb being the temperature whilst taking into account evaporation).

To overcome the problem and ensure manufacturing could continue seamlessly, Aqua Hire installed a temporary chiller-based cooling system. By supplementing the existing cooling tower set up with over 2MW of mechanical cooling, continuous operation is assured all summer long.

The full solution included:

  • 3 x 750kW chillers
  • Site survey & system design
  • Bauer hosing & all necessary connections
  • Delivery, installation & commissioning

“This particular site gains all the efficiency benefits a cooling tower system brings but it just needs additional support during the summer months” explains Hire Sales Engineer, Jack Crawford. “A temporary hire solution is ideal because the client just pays for the additional capacity they need, exactly when they need it so it’s a very cost-effective option for them. They now have total peace of mind regardless of what the weather brings!”