Are You Going To Bottle It? Aqua Hire Can Help!

The Client –

Food Processor

The Challenge –

Seasonal Cooling

The Solution –

Short Term Chiller Hire

For one of our food industry sector customers, a tactical Chiller Hire strategy during the summer months ensures their cooking oil production continues undisrupted.

Our client specialises in processing and packaging oils for the food sector, including market leading brands of olive oil, seed oils and baking fats.

Initially the raw material oil arrives from abroad and is taken into a refinery complex. The oil then travels through a direct pipeline until it reaches holding tanks which are housed at the plant’s bottling site.

For most of the year, the oil can be taken straight from the holding tanks into the bottling plant and packaged as appropriate. However, in the warmer summer months, the oil must be cooled prior to bottling. It’s vital to ensure the oil is processed in the correct way, otherwise the overall quality of the oil and its integrity can be compromised which can also affect its shelf life.

Each summer, Aqua provide two 50kW Chiller units which are situated close to the holding tanks. The chillers cool the oil within the tanks until it’s achieved the optimum temperature for transferring to the bottling plant. Once temperatures drop again, the units are simply taken off hire and the bottling process carries on as before.

The Aqua hire solution included:

  • 2 x 50kW chiller units
  • A short-term hire solution

In addition to protecting a CAPEX budget, there’s several other advantages for clients when it comes to seasonal cooling hire. For example, you have peace of mind that you’ll always be hiring up to date equipment, benefiting from the latest technological advantages in operation and overall efficiency. With Aqua you also benefit from a nationwide network of engineers, on hand to give back up and support exactly when you need it.

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