Chilled Water System Improvements for Global Plastic Component Manufacturer

Essentra Components manufacture parts from packaging and fluid handling to moulded plastics and hardware. They operate over 100 injection moulding machines at their large site in Oxfordshire.

Their machines utilise Chillers and V Bank Airblast Coolers to provide cooling to the tools at 14°C and to hydraulic oil at 20°C. Minimising downtime is crucial to their production, so they need a maintenance partner that they can rely on to maintain and optimise their chilled water system and equipment.

The situation

The manufacturing site required a reliable and supportive partnership with a reputable provider of high-standard technical support, maintenance, and servicing.

The use of mixed metals in the internal factory pipework had caused corrosion, which led to the poor quality of water running through the system, damaging the pipework and causing leaks.

If closed-loop systems or the water used within them are poorly maintained or left untreated it can lead to problems that will affect energy usage, cost, asset performance, and reliability. Specifically, these problems include corrosion, fouling, biofouling, and scaling to a lesser extent unless there is significant water loss requiring additional make-up water.

These issues were resolved in the recent past by adapting their cooling water system from a closed-circuit pressurised system to an open tank system – making it easy to monitor the quality
of the water and add treatment as needed.

The solution

We are providing the site with technical support, maintenance and regular servicing of the equipment. This includes cleaning and ushing the dual filter arrangement to ensure clean and treated water is provided – protecting the system components and minimising the risk of downtime.

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