Electric Boiler Hire Helps Wildlife Trust Stay Operational

The Client –

Midlands based wildlife trust

The Challenge –

Boiler breakdown

The Solution –

Electric boiler rental

Aqua’s Hire team were called in to help an independent wildlife trust when they were left without heating & hot water at their visitor centre.  The trust runs & manages a host of nature reserves across the region, working to protect the local wildlife and making it accessible to everyone.


The visitor centre houses a café, gift shop, education centre and meeting rooms, so is a popular and well frequented area of the nature reserve.  As a registered charity, the facility is key to raising much needed funds as well as helping to educate in the importance of wildlife within the local community.

The trust was left in a difficult situation when their existing biomass boiler failed.  Funding for a replacement unit would be substantial and take time to put in place.  In the meantime, the centre would be left in the cold, quite literally, with staff and visitors already reaching for their gloves and woolly hats.  Aqua were approached to see if a rental heating solution could be a viable option.

When our Engineer carried out an initial site visit it was apparent that the site faced a few challenges.  If we supplied a portable fan heater solution, it would need a large number of power sockets because of the size and layout of the rooms.  This could then have ramifications on the venue’s power supply.   

Whilst the Trust had reservations around using oil within the facility, they were open to considering electric boiler hire as an alternative to ensure the visitor centre could stay operational.


Aqua supplied a 36kW electric boiler from our rental fleet.  Our Engineers connected the temporary boiler to the building’s existing circuit.  By doing this, the hire unit could utilise the pipework, pumps, expansion vessels & radiators already in situ.

Electric boilers are extremely portable as they can be lowered on a tail lift vehicle and wheeled into place on a small trolley. The units produce instant hot water and central heating up to 85°C, generating from 3kW to 36kW/hr.  Our electric hire boilers all include multiple power options, from 16a single phase up to 63a, with quick release water connections, a simple fill & vent system and easy to use control panel.  As standard, they are fitted with an expansion tank, integral pump, and automatic air vent.        


Once given the green light, our Hire team delivered & installed the temporary unit within hours.  From that point onwards things warmed up very quickly, with hats & gloves discarded as normal service resumed!

“I think it’s fair to say this rental project was viewed by all involved as a real success” explains Aqua’s Will Fernley.  “A year on the Trust is yet to install a permanent boiler, so we’re just about to supply a repeat hire solution to help them throughout Winter 2024.” 

If you’d like to find out more about hiring an electric boiler from Aqua, chat with the team on 0333 004 4433.

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