Heat Rejection Hire Solution Helps Fuel Plant Commissioning

The Client –

Leading Energy Management & Solution Provider

The Challenge –

Testing Fuel Generation Plant Project

The Solution –

Heat Rejection Package On A Short-term Hire

Often a hire solution is regarded as a last minute, emergency option when either existing equipment fails or there is a sudden spike in production demand. But, for many of our customers, temporary hire is a fundamental part of their annual maintenance or project plans. For one such client, a bespoke heat rejection package supplied on a short-term hire agreement, was key when it came to the testing and commissioning of their latest project.

The project itself involved the design and build of a highly innovative stand-alone energy plant. The state-of-the-art facility was undertaken for a UK university and when complete would supply both heating and electricity to an entire student campus. The plant would run entirely on gas and any heat generated as a by-product of producing the electricity would be reclaimed as a heating source. Back up, should it ever be called for, would be provide by an on-site oil-fired boiler. The resulting energy centre would not only be ultra-efficient with a minimal carbon footprint, but it would also hugely reduce the university’s ongoing operating costs.

Aqua were tasked with supplying a heat rejection package which would enable the system to be tested under load. We designed and supplied a 1.6MW cooling system, which would take the heat generated by the system operating as required and reject it into the ambient. The system could then be tested as needed, with the cooling system countering the heat being generated by the reclaim system and/or back up boiler on each occasion. Once the load testing was complete and proved the system achieved all necessary operating criteria, it could be approved for the next stage of project completion.

The full hire solution included:

  • 2 x air blast coolers – 1.6MW capacity
  • System design
  • HIAB delivery, installation, commissioning & all ancillaries

Aqua Hire’s Sales Engineer, Jack Crawford, commented; “This was such an innovative project and we look forward to assisting this client further on future tasks as they really change the shape of renewable energy across the industry.”