Hire Solution A Key Element For Chemical Process

The Client –

Liverpool Based Chemical Processor

The Challenge –

Seasonal Cooling

The Solution –

Short Term Chiller Hire

Although it often doesn’t seem possible with the UK’s variable climate, on occasion temperatures get high enough that they start to play havoc with established cooling systems, even if it’s just for a few weeks of the year. For a chemical processing client that was exactly the scenario they faced and a short-term Chiller hire unit provided the ideal solution.

The client’s chemical process is normally cooled by large on-site cooling towers which are perfectly sufficient for most of the year. But, when things heat up in the summer, the towers go over temperature. Not only does short term hire negate the need for investing in new equipment and protect CAPEX, it also affords the client additional benefits:

  • Continuity of production
  • The latest equipment, readily available, even at short notice
  • Full service support, 24/7
  • Flexibility – can hire equipment short term with the option to easily extend the hire period if needed

For this particular client, their production can fluctuate quite dramatically and there’s also plans afoot for a rapid period of growth. A Hire solution offers a flexible, cost effective option and ensures the right equipment is on site exactly when it’s needed.

Aqua Hire supplied a large (750kW) Chiller Hire unit as well as providing a full technical design service. The cooling system’s existing aging pipework presented several problems that needed to be overcome, from locating suitable connection points to checking consistent flow would be maintained.

The full solution included:

  • 750kW chiller unit
  • Full technical site survey
  • Technical design & install
  • Flexible rental agreement

Aqua Hire specialist, Jack Crawford, commented: “This has been an exciting application to work on and a great example of where our technical design team have seamlessly integrated a substantial sized hire unit into an existing cooling set up.”

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