It’s Business as Usual Thanks to Fast Hire Solution

The Client –

Large Hampshire Based Business Centre

The Challenge –

Failing Comfort Cooling System

The Solution –

Long-Term Chiller Hire

With a legacy glycol Chiller system already struggling to meet the comfort cooling requirements of the business centre it served, a seasonal increase in ambient temperature was the final straw. Whilst maintenance contractors hurriedly called in portable air conditioning units from a local supplier, it soon became clear that a longer-term solution was needed – and quickly.

The Hampshire based centre houses several businesses and their employees, providing office space, training rooms and associated services. With summer just around the corner and temperatures already rising, office workers were quickly becoming uncomfortable and business owners were becoming increasingly concerned that productivity would begin to suffer.

With just one phone call, Aqua Cooling sent an engineer to site to carry out a same day survey, aware that time was of the essence. Senior Design & Project Manager, Shaun Lancaster, explains: “Once on site it quickly became apparent that portable units just weren’t going to provide an efficient solution. The legacy chiller unit was the real cause of the problem, by addressing the issue at source it was going to be relatively straightforward to get an effective comfort cooling system back up and running.”

The existing chiller was supplying air conditioning to 3 floors of the 5-storey business centre. By replacing this unit with a 280kW Chiller Hire unit and flexible hosing the buildings’ air conditioning was quickly restored.

The solution from Aqua Cooling Hire included:

  • 280kW chiller + hosing on a 2-year hire basis
  • Same day site survey
  • Equipment specification, design & installation, including contracted crane lift to the top of a 5-storey building, in a busy city centre location
  • Fast turnaround – from enquiry to installation in just one week

By opting for the 2-year hire option, the business centre now has peace of mind whilst they look at options for replacing the glycol based air conditioning system. In the meantime, for the office workers and the companies sharing the business centre, it’s business as usual!

fast hire
fast hire