Oil Fired Boiler Hire Helps NHS Hospital Avoid Crisis

The Client –

Trade customer working on behalf of a local NHS Trust

The Challenge –

Boiler failure threatening to close areas of a hospital

The Solution –

Oil fired boiler rental and fuel management system

The pressures and challenges faced by our NHS are widely reported, so when a trade customer approached us to help a major NHS hospital with emergency boiler hire, speed of response was critical.


The hospital relied on a number of individual boilers to supply heating and hot water to the various departments and buildings on site. When two of these boilers failed at the same time, the facility was left with no contingency and the supply of services was suddenly compromised.

The Trust quickly realised that it would take time to repair both units, leaving them having to consider closing wards and delaying patient treatments. With both heating and hot water disrupted, it would be impossible to run a normal schedule, putting staff, patients, and other resources under even more pressure. Their facilities management team called Aqua looking for a boiler to rent as quickly as possible.  


On receiving the call, our Hire desk despatched an Engineer to site to undertake a site survey. This enabled us to have a heads up of any potential challenges. For example, are there suitable connection points, are there any access issues for delivering & offloading equipment? Addressing these variables upfront paves the way for a fast, seamless delivery & installation process.

The team subsequently despatched a 600kW oil fired hire boiler on a short term rental agreement. This would not only match the heating capacity achieved by the two failed units, but it would make for a quicker turnaround as only one unit needed to be installed, as opposed to two.

The project was up and running on the same day. Aqua also supplied a complete fuel management system, with regular deliveries scheduled to ensure no further downtime occurred due to fuel running short.


From the first call to our Hire desk, the hospital was up and running within 24 hours, with both the hire boiler and fuel management system in place.

Once heating & hot water supplies were back then patients and services were safeguarded. As the hospital went back to normal operation, focus could turn to repairing the failed kit. The initial short term rental contract was subsequently extended for 8 weeks, whilst the repair work took place.

Whilst response time was key to this project, the hospital and Trust also had peace of mind that they were benefitting from the latest, highly efficient, technology. All boilers within our Hire fleet have a Weishaupt burner, which is 94% fuel efficient and helps to minimise operating costs and carbon footprint.

If you’d like to find out more about boiler rental from Aqua, chat with the team on 0333 004 4433.

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