Planned Maintenance Solution for Student Housing

The Client –

Student Accommodation Provider, Central London

The Challenge –

Hall Of Residence Boiler House Maintenance

The Solution –

Planned Maintenance Solution – Short-term Boiler Hire

Whilst the summer months are an opportunity for students to take a break from their studies, it’s a busy period for accommodation providers who use the time whilst their properties are unoccupied to carry out repairs and maintenance work in readiness for the start of the new academic year.

For a client running a private hall of residence in Central London, they needed to use this time to undertake essential work to their property’s boiler system. All the flues within the on-site boiler room needing replacing, meaning a temporary boiler was needed for a short time to take the load whilst the existing set up was out of action. Additionally, time was of the essence as everything needed to be back up and running for when the students return to site for the start of the Autumn term.

Aqua supplied a 300kW oil fired boiler to site, carrying out the installation and commissioning, as well as providing fuel and ensuring the equipment was off loaded from site as soon as it was redundant.

Our hire solution included:

  • 300kW oil fired boiler
  • 300 litre fuel tank & red diesel fuel supply
  • Hosing, fencing, scaffold walkway and all other ancillaries

“Timing was key to this project”, explains Aqua Hire Sales Engineer, Jack Crawford. “Our client had a specific window in which to get this work concluded and the site back to normal for incoming tenants. Whilst the job itself wasn’t complicated, we needed to make sure the right people were on site at the right time so that things ran smoothly and the project was kept on track right the way through.”