Water Treatment Cleans Up For Plastic Manufacturer

The Client –

Kent Based Plastic Manufacturer 

The Challenge –

Water Quality Compromising Production 

The Solution –

Full Water Treatment Programme

Poor water quality was hindering production for a plastic manufacturer based in Kent. Aqua delivered a water treatment programme to resolve long-standing issues and to safeguard future production.


The client had experienced problems with their manufacturing process, which all stemmed from issues with their water quality. Despite trying several fixes, calcium build-up and water contamination continued to cause equipment downtime and wasted man hours. The tools were becoming clogged and blocked, leading to loss of cooling. As well as the impact of having to keep unblocking the tools, they often needed to be replaced which had unwanted cost implications.


Aqua proposed the installation of an automated side stream filtration unit and a schedule of water treatment works, to ensure that the correct water quality was not only achieved, but easily maintained on an ongoing basis.

Firstly, our Engineers carried out a full system flush over a five-day period, using a scale remover specifically designed to remove polymer build up. A specialist cleaning solution was then added to disperse any contamination into the fluid before filtering. Next, the entire system was re-flushed to eliminate any trace of the cleaning fluid.

After refilling, our Engineers added a biocide to destroy any bacteria present and carried out a third flush through. The final system fill included a multi metal inhibitor to negate any risk of oxidisation or corrosion.

With the legacy issues resolved, the automated filtration will ensure water quality is maintained by constantly cleaning it during the production process.


As a result of the work, the client has a very clean water system which requires no manual intervention. It has restored reliability to their production schedule and will bring additional cost savings from them not having to unblock and replace their tools. The design of the filter also prevents water loss, something that is common if a standard back washing style filter is used.

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